Zirconium Chemicals and their Applications

Ammonia removal in Kidney Dialysis machines - Zirconium Phosphate
Board coatings to give strong and rapid crosslinking - ammonium zirconium carbonate and potassium zirconium carbonate
Catalysts in car exhaust systems to remove noxious pollutants - ceria doped zirconium oxides
Diamonds are a lot more expensive than their cubic zirconium alternatives, and almost indistinguishable for most uses - yttria doped zirconium oxides
Electrical properties such as piezo electric crystals and oxygen sensors- lead zirconium titanates False teeth can be brighter, whiter, and more hard wearing when they include zirconium - zirconium oxides
Grinding media and abrasives for the toughest jobs - zirconium oxides
Heavy metal replacement Heavy metals can be replaced by zirconium in many chemical formulations, making the environment a safer cleaner place - zirconium acetate and ammonium zirconium carbonate
Inks on cans and packaging, to give improved water resistance and adhesion - zirconium propionate
Joints the human body is tolerant to zirconium which can be used to make long lasting hard wearing joints - zirconium oxides
Kidney dialysis machines for the home, use zirconium compounds to remove ammonia from the blood - zirconium phosphate
Lamp filaments are made from zirconium metal - Zr metal
Metal treatment with zirconium salts gives vastly increased surface corrosion resistance - zirconium nitrate
Nanotechnology - Nanopowder coatings are used in space technology as an electrolyte membrane to improve the sensitivity and robustness of the sensors - zirconium oxides
Optical lenses increasing the Refractive Index and so making thinner lighter lenses - zirconium oxides
Paper coatings to give strong and rapid crosslinking - ammonium zirconium carbonate and potassium zirconium carbonate
Queen on tour - Is all that jewellery the genuine stuff or do the insurance companies insist she uses cubic zirconia?- yttria stabilised zirconia
RF amplifiers - in your mobile phone for example - zirconium oxides
Smoke suppression particularly on aircraft textiles - zirconium acetate and potassium fluorozirconate
TiO2 coating so white paint stays whiter for longer - zirconium oxychloride and zirconium sulphate
UF and MF resin replacement in paper and board coatings. This reduces or replaces formaldehyde which is said to cause cancer - ammonium zirconium carbonate and potassium zirconium carbonate
Very high melting point of zirconium oxides enables the manufacture of crucibles for high melting point metals - yttria stabilised zirconia
Water resistance and water repellence in wax emulsion technology for outdoor clothing, tents, and tarpaulins, can be significantly improved - zirconium acetate
X-Ray opaque - all zirconium solids and even solutions are x-ray opaque
Yttrium stabilised zirconium oxide is at the core of solid oxide fuel cells, the next generation of power generation
Zinc reduction or elimination in floor polishes and inks - ammonium zirconium carbonate

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